Links for the week of December 24th, 2009

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  • DanceSafe Drug Testing Kits – DanceSafe sells simple reagent kits for testing various party-drugs. Most pills are impure, and something like half contain no MDMA at all. For the price of a couple of pills, you can actually know what the hell you're putting in your body.
  • Ecstasy Lab Testing & Analysis Results – Ecstasy Pill Reports – A lab in Zurich allows users to send in ecstasy pills for testing, and posts the results on the web. Only about half of the 1800 samples they've received contain any MDMA at all, and the list of possible adulterants is large. Anybody considering using X should definitely get an assay kit, e.g. from Thank your local Drug Warriors and prohibition in general for this atrocious lack of quality control.
  • Global Language Online Support System – DoD online language school. Tests and tutorials for all kinds of exotic languages, including Chinese, Russian, Spanish and Arabic. Sweet!

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