Little Blue Pieces of Getting Things Done

A NYT article detailing the use of stimulants in high school to enhance academic performance.  The problem of course is that they actually work.  What are the long term consequences?  Where’s the line between use and abuse?  And who really thinks it stops after the SAT and AP tests?  I wonder whether takes more than coffee to pull 80-100 hour weeks trying to make partner in the corporate litigation firms of lower Manhattan.

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3 thoughts on “Little Blue Pieces of Getting Things Done”

  1. This article made me think that 1) I could probably convince a psychiatrist to give me one of these drugs by describing my average work day, and 2) I might then be able to write two papers and maybe a proposal before having a break down and being institutionalized. The idea is still oddly tempting . . . .

      1. Ha! I think I’ll steer clear, since I was serious when I said I think I’d end up institutionalized. I’m good and crazy without chemical assistance — and arguably too focused on academic/career success, anyway. Other people could probably handle it, but I’m pretty confident I’m one who would spiral out of control. My only ticket to better concentration is reliable (drug free) sleep. 🙂

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