Links for the week of Jul 30th

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  • Take Back the Beep Campaign – Voicemail instructions are a billion dollar scam: carriers don't let you remove the mandatory 15 second spiel because they want you to use up your minutes and charge you for the privilege. As if anybody in this day and age doesn't know what to do after the beep, or wants to send a numeric page. Just one more reason that the telecom monopolies need to have their kneecaps blown off by the DoJ.
  • Iraq war spending vs. spending on renewable energy – A graphical comparison between US spending on energy R&D and the Iraq war.
  • Carmaggeddon Averted as Broadway Comes to Life – As in the Castro in SF, this summer a new pedestrian plaza appeared out of thin air in NYC, overnight, for almost no money. Where there's density, and access without cars, if you take automotive infrastructure away, a city made for humans condenses.
  • The Manhattan Airport Foundation – Central Park is dramatically underutilized, and the time from Manhattan to any of the adjacent airports is more than an hour, regardless of your transportation mode. The obvious solution: The Manhattan Airport. We live in a golden age of propaganda, where any truth you can imagine is available for wholesale digital fabrication.

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