Links for the week of Aug 5th

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  • NodeBox – A python based vector graphics programming environment. Lots of pretty math to be had here.
  • Jeffrey’s Lightroom Goodies – A collection of awesome plugins for Adobe Lightroom, dealing with metadata, exporting to social media sites, and geocoding.
  • Adobe Lightroom plugins from Timothy Armes – Allows exporting directly to blogs, use of the ImageMagick library, preservation of filesystem hierarchies, and other good things.
  • Los Angeles Catholic Worker – An anarcho-catholic soup kitchen in Los Angeles. People who take "Jesus was a HIppie" seriously.
  • A Funky Freegan Journal – Blog of one of the people from the LA Dumpster Diving Meetup group. She's a 20 year old funky green anarcho-catholic nun. Or something. Certainly an interesting brand of Christian.

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