Links for the week of August 13th, 2010

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  • Federal R&D Agency Funding Profiles | Proposal Exponent – Good overview of where federal research dollars are spent. No surprise that it's dominated by DoD (more than half). And about half of the non-DoD funding goes to the NIH. The rest of us bicker over less than a quarter of it. Climate change? Renewable energy and efficiency measures? All in that quarter. Along with all geologic hazard research, the search for Earth crossing asteroids, habitable planets, life, and intelligence elsewhere in the Universe. All space exploration. All efforts to understand how ocean circulation works. All basic research into producing salt and drought tolerant crops, as well as soil and water conservation techniques. All archival sequencing of the world's extant species. All in that quarter. Eventually DoD will realize these things are security threats. Maybe they already have.
  • Cartoneros del Primer Mundo – – Box people of the first world? La Nacion, an Argentinian newspaper, wanted to use one of my dumpster diving pictures. Strange days.
  • Zoom into your Roof: Checking the Thermal Performance of Homes – Some cities in Belgium pooled resources to create a thermographic map of the buildings within their boundaries, for use as a resource to homeowners and building managers interested in doing attic insulation and infiltration retrofits. Awesome

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