An Afternoon of Boulder Streetscapes

I spent the afternoon wandering around downtown, reading, sipping coffee, and taking pictures.  I was surprised to see that Boulder had apparently been invaded (in the best possible way) by stylish olive skinned women wearing high heels, until I got to the Tea House, and remembered it was Persian New Year (also known as the Vernal Equinox).  The music and dancing was just winding down, but the outdoor space was still filled with people, and social buzz.

Happy Nowruz

At least, on Pearl St. and right by the Tea House it was buzzing.  The oval plaza on 13th was as empty as ever.  We need more people down here to really make use of all this good public space potential.  Adding more of it, without adding more people, will just make it seem more empty.

Deserted 13th St. Plaza

Over on Pearl I found this awesome longtail bucket bike.  I wonder if it brought kids downtown?

Longtail Cargo Bike

There were some strangely zombified hippycrunch musicians busking.  Good music, weird facial expressions.

Southern Hippies Busking

I ended up encamped at The Laughing Goat, finally finishing The Box (a history of container shipping) which by now was a few days overdue at the library.  By the time I returned it they were closed.  I assume at some point I’ll have to pay the fines.  The Chinese girl sitting on the guy’s lap was actually tutoring him in logic puzzles.  Maybe for the LSAT or GRE.  It was a fun juxtaposition.

The Lauging Goat Patio

These girls met up and walked by chatting.  You know spring is near at hand when people start wearing their barefoot running shoes again.  They really do seem to have just become another kind of shoe here.

Friends Walking with Summer Feet

Three very mellow golden retrievers were tied up here for the better part of an hour.  This guy could just barely squeeze by with his trailer.

Homeless and Goldens

On the way home, this girl rang her bell as she zoomed up behind me in the intersection of 13th and Canyon. I rang back, and as she passed she looked over and said Hooray for bells! and giggled.

Hooray for Bells

That’s not an experience you’ll often have while driving!

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