Think Again: Drugs

A great roundup of the myths surrounding the Drug War, and the cogent arguments against continuing our ridiculous, harmful, and expensive policy of ideological prohibition.

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Zane Selvans

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2 thoughts on “Think Again: Drugs”

  1. But that article is over four years old, and nothing has happened. Years ago I read Judge James Gray’s indictment on the Ware on Drugs:

    and you can see from the Amazon link that there are numerous other books touting the same ideas. This “War on Drugs” has gone on since before I was born with disastrous consequences. When will it change? The violence has moved north from Colombia to Mexico, right near our border. Will it have to spill over into the US before our politicians care?

    1. Wow, I actually didn’t see the date. That’s sobering. Obama (once again) nixed a top moderated question from the public after the SOTU address, related to the legalization of marijuana. The issue is still apparently not up for discussion. I suspect the mess will have to cross the border wholesale before anyone gives a crap. Either that, or states will have to openly confront the federal government with state legalization measures.

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