The City Is Here For You To Use

Adam Greenfield has 100 short thoughts from his upcoming book, The City Is Here For You To Use.  He’s somewhere between an urbanist and a science fiction writer… exploring the near future, or unseen present, of cities.  How do networks change cities?  Their structure, purpose.  Is that good, bad, unavoidable?

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Zane Selvans

A former space explorer, now marooned on a beautiful, dying world.

2 thoughts on “The City Is Here For You To Use”

    1. A lot of what he talks about sounds like it ought to be in a science fiction novel, even though it’s clearly relevant in present day urban contexts. There’s this whole wash of undigested newness and interactions between society and technology, and not only do we not know what to do with it, a lot of us don’t even realize that it’s here. I call it our Fascinating Modern Age.

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