Hero Biking to Fort Collins and Back

Strung Out Cyclists

The Boulder Bike Culture Meetup‘s first little social intro to bike touring went pretty well I think.  Didn’t lose anyone, no injuries that I know of, no major mechanical issues, only one flat tire.  Tail wind and gorgeous weather on the way up.  Good food, good beer.  Naps and gracious hostesses.  Tail wind and deteriorating weather on the way back, capped off by hail and sleet.  A well rounded taster.

Oh yeah, and I took some pictures… It takes a while to load, but I think it’s worth it.

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Getting a first taste of bicycle touring

I don’t even remember how I got the idea in my head that one could go bike touring.  I must have heard of other people doing it, but growing up in Sanger, California I certainly didn’t know any of them.  By the time I left home for college, I’d decided I wanted to go on a bike tour the following summer.  I saved money I earned by working as an usher during my freshman year.  I hadn’t been prepared academically for Caltech by my rural high school.  I’d never had to study before.  By the spring I was frazzled and depressed.  I’d had mononucleosis, and had almost failed out entirely.  But I had a bike.

At the time I was afraid of riding alone in the US and ended up buying a cheap ticket to the UK at the last minute, intending to spend the summer riding around the British Isles.  I ended up meeting other bicycle tourists, and riding all the way to Turkey, via a newly open eastern Europe.  I didn’t make it home until December, after five months of riding gravel roads through the Champagne vineyards of France, drinking cheap wine and eating baguettes and cheese before napping in the shade in the mid-afternoon.

sleeping in the vineyard

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A Weekend Bike Tour to Fort Collins

I’m organizing an overnight bike tour from Boulder to Ft. Collins and back the first weekend in April (weather permitting of course, who knows what it will do).  If you’ve got route suggestions or know anyone in Ft. Collins that might be interested in letting some weary cyclists camp in their backyard for a night and take showers… we could cook them dinner or take them out as thanks!  And if you know anyone who might be interested in giving bike touring a bite-sized try, let them know.