Multi-agency armed raid takes down raw milk and cheese producer

Apparently the agricultural industrial complex is willing to take down its competition with a hail of lead if necessary.  A multi-agency SWAT team descended upon a raw milk and cheese buying club in SoCal, and is holding the proprietor without bail.  How can this be a serious law enforcement priority?

A Transnational School in NYC?

Chris Whittle is starting transnational school in NYC. A majority of the students will have at least one foreign born parent. All students will be taught half the time in English, and half the time in either Mandarin or Spanish. Actually, he’s starting the schools in 20 major cities around the world, all on the same curriculum and teaching model, hoping to hold on to the kids when their parents are shuttled all over the world for careers and ambition.  It reminds me of the neo-Victorian phyle in Neal Stephenson’s The Diamond Age.  What kind of new old boys (and girls) clubs will this kind of childhood education create?  How will this kind of school compete with the high quality gray market educations now on offer?

Moms market

Further developments in India’s commercial surrogacy market.  As the government mulls more detailed regulations, existing rules are already being neatly side-stepped.  For instance, sex-selection is not permitted in India, but it is in Panama, so the embryo screening is done on the isthmus, with those selected forwarded to the subcontinent for implantation.  Egg banks in India now stock a wide variety of ethnic backgrounds from international donors.  It’s a baby smorgasbord.  Gattaca, here we come!