Open-Source Camouflage From Computer Vision by Adam Harvey

Open-Source Camouflage From Computer Vision.  As facial recognition becomes more popular as a means for police state identification, innovative makeup and hairstyle fashions can be deployed to foil the Orwellian algorithms.  Talk about weird.  Now we’re going to be dressing for the machines?

Multi-agency armed raid takes down raw milk and cheese producer

Apparently the agricultural industrial complex is willing to take down its competition with a hail of lead if necessary.  A multi-agency SWAT team descended upon a raw milk and cheese buying club in SoCal, and is holding the proprietor without bail.  How can this be a serious law enforcement priority?

Undercover anti-protest cop in UK goes native?

The Guardian is reporting that an undercover police officer who infiltrated the group of protesters that conspired to shut down the Ratcliffe on Soar coal fired power plant may have “gone native” after seven years with the group, taking part in, providing logistical support for, partially financing, and eventually playing a central role in planning their actions.  The prospect of the officer aiding the legal defense of protesters who remain to be tried, or at the least, having the role he played in the organization exposed, has apparently led to the collapse of the case.  The only really surprising part about all this is his apparent remorse.

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