The Bicycling Orchardist

The Human Tractor

My friend Kerry is putting in some fruit trees, and we decided to make a trip out to the CreekSide Tree Nursery on 61st St. near Pearl by bike to pick the first of them up.  It’s fun to serve as a kind of “proof by existence”.  Look, I’m doing it, and I’m smiling, so it’s possible, and it’s okay.  The tree probably weighed 25 kg (50 lbs) and so did the trailer, which even when added to the weight of my bike, is less than my own mass.  Just avoid any serious hills if you can, make sure you’ve got some low gears, and maybe have a snack afterward.  I think 3-4 trees this size would have been totally doable, but then I probably would have broken a sweat!

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