Riding with Live Cargo

Two dudes, two bikes.

After I got done moving all my stuff into Masala, I had to return the trailer to Community Cycles.  Tim needed to work on his bike (and renew his membership…) so I gave him a lift out to the shop.  The Bikes at Work trailers aren’t really meant for hauling people… but with a capacity of 300lbs, they’re certainly capable of it.  I’d really like to have a decent setup for moving another bike around without the trailer.  A way to just hook the front end of the rear bike up to my rear rack, allowing it to roll on its own.  More photos below.

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Moving Across Boulder by Bike

Bed on a BIke

My friend Bryan, with whom I’ve been living for the last year, is heading off on a round-the-world bike ride for an indeterminate amount of time.   So I had to find a new place to live.  The Masala Co-op had a summer sublet opening, and I jumped at it.  I used to be on the board of the Boulder Housing Coalition, which owns Masala (and Chrysalis, another co-op downtown), and I lived here for the summer of 2004, before heading to Baja to kayak that fall.  And of course… I was determined to do the move by bike.

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The Bicycling Orchardist

The Human Tractor

My friend Kerry is putting in some fruit trees, and we decided to make a trip out to the CreekSide Tree Nursery on 61st St. near Pearl by bike to pick the first of them up.  It’s fun to serve as a kind of “proof by existence”.  Look, I’m doing it, and I’m smiling, so it’s possible, and it’s okay.  The tree probably weighed 25 kg (50 lbs) and so did the trailer, which even when added to the weight of my bike, is less than my own mass.  Just avoid any serious hills if you can, make sure you’ve got some low gears, and maybe have a snack afterward.  I think 3-4 trees this size would have been totally doable, but then I probably would have broken a sweat!

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