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  1. As for changing the name of doom – the diversity of the responses argues for the correctness of having a diversity of frames. Which I take to, among other things, mean that it is fine to keep talking the way I want to about climate change and appropriate solutions and using the words I choose to use. Hopefully they will resonate with an audience somewhat like myself. If I had a more public role in this, as perhaps we should all seek to do, I would think a little bit about my audience before choosing my words. I must admit to being more concerned with solutions. I only discuss the direness of the problems with people I already know to be informed and on board. I don’t know if this is a good thing or not. My short term goal is outreach in my neighborhood, and so far that has meant inviting the neighbor kids into my back yard to help water my apple trees and mine the castings from my worm bin. Never once have I mentioned climate change while talking to my neighbors, but I do talk a lot about gardening and getting rid of my lawn and my preference for biking. And I talk about it from the side of really enjoying these things. As far as framing the discussion for national legislation/international action/etc is concerned I think we need a diversity of approaches here. Different things will resonate with different people. I like a little gloom and doom, and voluntary simplicity as long as I can see the gleam of enhanced human connection. Others, not so much. I know.

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