Links for the week of September 25th, 2009

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  • How to extract money from your patients | Advance My Practice – A whole blog dedicated just to helping doctors squeeze every last possible penny out of their patients. Not particularly surprising, given the way our healthcare system is organized, and in an ideal (perfect information) capitalist economy, maybe not even such a bad idea. But in the marketeer infested nonsense world we actually inhabit, getting a straight answer to a simple question like "How much does an eye exam cost" is unfortunately not easy. The mere fact that you're asking indicates you are one of those useless customers who *compares prices* and is not going to be easy to squeeze. So why bother answering at all?
  • Mindshare / Enlightened Debauchery – A kind of wider Salon, writ large. WIll have to check it out when I get back.
  • Dust storm in Australia – Bigger, better pictures of the dust storm in Australia. Is this what the future looks like?
  • Australia dust storm sweeps across eastern coast – Yikes. Australia goes Martian.
  • Urban Archipelago – The United Cities of America: an article that came out in the Seattle indie newspaper, The Stranger, arguing that the Democrats are the party of urban America, and that they need to re-align their platform around that reality. City states sound good to me!
  • Montgomery Botique on Etsy – My uncle Dickie's online jewelry shop on Etsy. Seems to be going well.
  • Online Dating Advice: Exactly What To Say In A First Message – A statistical analysis of half a million first contact messages from the online dating service OK Cupid. You know, for SCIENCE.

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