Links for the week of May 29th, 2010

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  • South African Bicycle Portraits – A documentarian project in South Africa, looking at cyclists across the country. Reminds me of "What the World Eats" by Marion Nestle. Their Kickstarter grant is about half funded… I think developing countries have more to gain from adopting bike culture now (the first time around) as they build out their infrastructure than we do from retrofitting our existing mess. I hope there are places running that experiment full scale.
  • Plummeting Marijuana Prices Create A Panic In California : NPR – Semi-legalization in some major markets has allowed the marijuana market to differentiate based on quality and consumer preference. NPR apparently thinks corporate commoditized pot is just around the corner, and the mom and pop shops are going down. Only the boutique small growers will survive. Weird world we live in.
  • CleanTech Boulder – Boulder Chamber of Commerce focus group on clean/green tech companies.
  • CIMB — Colorado Initiative in Molecular Biotechnology – CU has a big new initiative, and a big new building, focused on molecular biotech… including inevitably, bioinformatics/computational biology stuff. Definitely a place to keep an eye on for jobs.
  • Edge: REALITY CLUB – On "Creation of a bacterial cell controlled by a chemically synthesized genome" – A variety of mostly respectable interesting folks commenting on everyone's favorite mad scientist, J. Craig Venter, and his latest exploit: the synthetic production of a functioning genome.
  • GeoSynFuels – An NREL spinoff company in Golden, working on synthetic biofuels.
  • OPX Biotechnologies – A biochemical engineering company in Boulder… I wonder if they need a computational biologist?

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