Links for the week of May 22nd, 2010

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  • Eight Thoughts About Timescale – Musings on the nature and importance of Deep Time in a cultural and sustainability context. "Don't burn dinosaurs for fun."
  • Old Man Mountain Pannier Racks For Any Bike – Makers of front racks compatible with suspension bikes. Dirt road touring wheee!
  • Kickstarter – A decentralized start up funding mechanism for creative projects. Arts, technology, food, books, etc. Pitch your idea to the masses, and sometimes, they'll get you going.
  • Diaspora – Another attempt at an open social networking platform. Clearly people want this kind of thing, but the network effects here are extreeeemly powerful. The Facebook monster will be hard to slay unless the open folks can tackle the usability and interoperation problems which often keep good projects from going anywhere big.
  • Licensed to… | Bicycle Comics – Yehuda Moon and the Kickstand Cyclery – In which Yehuda points out to his class that the difficulty of cycling in traffic is directly related to how it is that people are allowed to drive.
  • Mojo Bicycle Café – The proverbial weed and coffee bike shop… well, not quite yet. But we can hope for November!

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