Links for the week of July 23rd, 2010

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  • Government Data and the Case for Not Running Me Over – A good short note on how open (but still semi-broken) government data can help make all kinds of policy discussions more substantive. And how much better it would all be if it weren't so borken. As applied to the question of who pays for roads (everyone, it turns out, including cyclists).
  • Boulder is a city "wired for biking" – The Denver Post – Well thankfully I'm not the *only* person who has noticed how nice it is to bike here! Boulder has a whopping 10% modeshare for bikes (commuting), and a 46% increase in bikes downtown over the last 2 years. Please please please let this be a runaway process.
  • Xeromag | Polyamory? – A decent devil's advocate type description of what "polyamory" means. Lots of continuum variables…

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