Have Spraypaint, Will Bicycle

Have spraypaint, will bicycle

Every year, Boulder organizes a fun ride called the B360 in June to help familiarize new riders with the bikeways, and to highlight newly added paths and lanes that those of us who ride every day might not know about (especially if The Google hasn’t yet been notified of their existence…).  If you ride here at all you’ve probably seen the faded little stencils all over town saying B360 and B180.  Well, this is where those stencils come from!

Have spraypaint, will bicycle

This year, the City asked Community Cycles to do the stenciling — the route changes every year and the paint wears off relatively quickly — and so we chunked up the route into pieces, and parceled them out to volunteers.  We organize this kind of volunteer work through a Google group called the Boulder Volunteer Riders — if you’re interested in helping out, by all means sign up!

If you want to come on the ride, it’s the afternoon of Sunday, June 5th.  You can view the routes on MapMyRide (B360 or B180).  Both loops start and end at Scott Carpenter Park.  The B360 is ~25 miles and people will start riding between 2:30 and 3:30pm depending on how fast they want to go, and the B180 will start about an hour later.  It’s all self-guided and non-competitive, so really you can go any time that afternoon (some of the route markets are signs that we’ll have to take down afterward unfortunately, so you can’t just go out and do it whenever you feel like it… at least, not without the route in hand).  There’ll be refreshments and a post-ride party at Scott Carpenter Park, and it’s all free.

2011 B360
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Hope to see you out there!

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