The Diverging Diamond

Strong Towns takes on The Diverging¬†Diamond and suburban traffic engineers everywhere.¬† It’s nice to see someone on the conservative end of the spectrum also arguing passionately for livable density and good urban spaces.¬† He comes to it from an economic point of view — we don’t have anywhere near the pile of cash required to maintain the infrastructure we’ve built (and we never will, because it’s expensive and does not come close to paying for itself in terms of economic benefits)¬† so we need to let it crumble or actively remove it, and go back to a network of roads connecting places, which are filled with streets — networks that facilitate local activity, especially economic activity, and which are cheaper to maintain as well.¬† And better for pedestrians, and kids, and biking, and sidewalk cafes too.

He’s got a good TEDx talk too, up here: