We aren’t so tough

Winter Bike to Work Day in Boulder

We’ve had some honest-to-god winter weather in Boulder this past week, with overnight temperatures as low as -25°C (-13°F), and light snowfall on and off for several days.  Here, if you keep riding your bike around town when the weather is like this, people think you’re tough, hard core, committed… or crazy:

@BoulderParking: Boulder bikers are tough & committed. Despite the sub zero temps this week… bike commuters were out every day!

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Winterbike Workshop Notes

My Trusty Steed in Snow

Winter poses special challenges to the utilitarian cyclist.  Those who ride purely for fun and fitness tend not to ride when it’s dark and cold and snowy.  If you consider the bike your primary form of transportation, you don’t necessarily have this option.  You still need groceries in February, after all.  There are three main differences between fair weather and winter cycling: more darkness, the cold, and snow and ice on the roads.

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