Links for the week of October 10th, 2009

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  • Stewart Brand's Recommended Reading – A list of sources (generally) that Stewart Brand likes, especially with regard to his new book, "Whole Earth Discipline". Don't have time to sift through it right now and add new RSS feeds… mine are sadly neglected at this point. But after I defend, good fodder. Technology, environmentalism, urban humanity, etc.
  • In Mitch Epstein’s Images, a Nation’s Thirst for Energy – A wonderful large-format photography project, documenting the industrial landscapes of America's appetite for energy in all its many forms. Luckily the photographer was not muslim, or he might very well be in jail.
  • City invites public comment on ‘Portland Bicycle Plan for 2030′ – Portland is also re-vamping their Bicycle Master Plan, with an eye to 2030. It would be interesting to compare their draft (just made available for public comment) with the LA plan. Unfortunately, I don't have time right now.
  • The Yes Men Fix the World – I thought that after their first film, the gig would would be up. But apparently not! These two guys pose as corporate representatives at conferences and in interviews, and they tell the truth, instead of the lies everyone has come to expect. To wonderful effect. It's amazing how far a thrift store suit and little moxie will get you in the world!
  • The demise of the dollar – Is today the day the dollar becomes mortal, like all other paper currencies? Or is this just monetary saber rattling at the expense of a British journalist?

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