Europe’s Vibrant New Low Car(bon) Communities

ITDP wrote up case studies of 8 relatively new car-free (or very car-light) neighborhoods in Europe, with scales ranging from a few hundred to tens of thousands of people, and how they compare to adjacent, similar communities, in terms of transportation mode share, etc.  It’s great to see developments like this happening outside of the 500 year old city centers where cars really can’t be squeezed in without destroying the district.  The urban density required to do this and make it work really isn’t all that high.  Two developments each in Germany, Sweden, and the Netherlands, one outside London, and another in Switzerland.

Twelve Car-Free City Zones

Twelve Car-Free City Zones in photos, from National Geographic.  Many north americans can’t really imagine what cities are like without cars.  It took me a long time to realize that what I didn’t like about cities wasn’t the urban space, it was the fact that here, it tends to be infested with rude 1500 kg beasts.

Project Thirty Days mostly Car-Free

Someone from Bike Radar decided to give up their car for a month, right here in Boulder and midwinter no less.  They’ve got a sweet longtail from Trek that looks like it’s served them well.  Even with temperatures plunging below -20°C, it ended up being easier than he thought, and easier with time.  Boulder’s infrastructure made it pleasant, not just doable.  Here’s hoping more people will give it a try!