Links for the week of June 17th, 2010

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  • Boulder's Energy Future – The City of Boulder's page tracking their ongoing negotiations with the local investor owned utility (Xcel Energy) over the next 20 years of the City's electricity provisioning… It should really be zero carbon by 2030. But how?
  • Jon Stewart’s Stinging Rebuke of Presidential Promises to Get off Oil – Eight presidents later, we're still sucking up the black stuff with a monstrous straw. Un-f*ing believable. I thank we jus' gonna haf to do this tha hard way.
  • Boulder County Bike Map for 2010 – Indicating slopes and traffic levels for many of the county's major roads, including the mountain canyons. Also shows shoulder widths on those roads.
  • Recycled Windshield Greenhouse Grows More Glass – An organic structure, made of post-industrial waste. Windshields, bent and overlapped into enormous transparent scales or roof tiles, and draped over a scrap wood scaffold. Looks like it was built by some kind of apocalyptic garbage fairies.

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