Links for the week of November 26th, 2010

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  • Reality vs. Myth: The "dangers" of Dutch cycle paths – Some bike advocates in the US are strenuously opposed to separated cycling infrastructure, and in favor of so-called "vehicular" cycling, in which we participate on the main thoroughfares, alongside cars and trucks. I agree with David Hembrow though, that this is a reasonable strategy *only* when cyclists are a small minority with little to no representation in government. If we want cycling to be normalized, such that everyone can and will do it, we have to separate the 1000 kg steel death machines from the 100 kg soft, fragile humans, anywhere that traffic is heavy or fast. It still needs to be a transportation network of course — not scenic paths to nowhere — but in the few jurisdictions where we are starting to get some governmental buy-in, we should be able to differentiate between good separated infrastructure (supporting it) and bad.
  • Importing Coal, China Burns It as Others Stop – Not to sound extreme, but to succeed as a species, we must leave this carbon in the ground. We must ban its trade as well as its combustion. The trains and bulk freighters that carry it must be stopped. The power lines that carry electricity generated from it must be dropped to the ground. We are knowingly terraforming the Earth. Who will say enough, and when?
  • The Tea Party Targets Sustainable Development? – Nefarious UN Agenda 21 suggests we, uh, consider the impacts of human habitation on the world around us. Tea Party goes wild. Really? They love their suburban McMansion cul-de-sacs and two hours of traffic every day that much? Whatever.
  • Aristotle on Wealth and Carsharing – The non-profit eGo Carshare in Boulder is adding vehicles via p2p sharing. Since most private cars are only used about 5% of the time, we could in theory have just as much automotive convenience with 95% fewer vehicles (and a whole lot less parking!). I have yet to use my eGo membership, since I'm a stubborn cyclist and I don't leave Boulder much, but we'll see what winter brings. I may yet do a little driving.

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2 thoughts on “Links for the week of November 26th, 2010”

  1. Before I moved, it was vehicular cycling or not (my little suburb didn’t have bicycle infrastructure, and catered completely to cars, trucks, and suvs. I find, now that I’m in a city with an amazing livable network of paths, bicycle lanes, smarter pedestrian walkways, etc, that it is easier to convince others to give car-lite/car-free lifestyles a try.
    Also, while I’m not planning on giving up my 8yr old Saturn, just yet, it does sit in it’s dedicated parking spot enough, that, if I could share it out without worrying about it, (and maybe getting something in return), I probably would seriously consider it.

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